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Binge On This Channel

Binge On This is a channel for the everyday man on the go, including such show classics as;

This That And The Other: The Emmy Ignored podcast that started it all, join comedian Bryan T and Writer Samy Maskell as they make their way thru L.A.

What's Hood with FC: Live updates from the streets on all things about the Latino culture with host Forever_Cabron

Happy News with Perry Kurtz: The Internets favorite grandpa is back with his own show about Life, Love and Ladies.

And much more. All shows available on Youtube under Binge On This

Sep 28, 2019

Welcome to Happy News with Perry Kurtz

A 30 minute adventure where professional comedian Perry Kurtz (The Late Show with James Cordon) talks with friends and strangers about Happy News along with his trusty handler/producer Bryan.

This week: David Zasloff. David is a comedian, musician, artist and ski instructor: He tells us about living off the land in Alaska, having a 6 year old daughter at 74 years old and how to blow a mean bugle.

You can find David Zasloff at: